Manufacturing Auto Parts
since year 2000 in Indonesia
Monday to Friday

7 am to 5 pm


Jln. Selayar IV, Blok L7,

Kawasan Industri MM2100, Cikarang, Bekasi


Delivering Excellence Products

Welcome to Bonecom Tricom. We are manufacturing metal parts, plastic parts, rubber parts,  tube parts, seat assembly, and Cationic Electro Deposition Coating (CED) for Automotive industries. Our quality and delivering excellence, Bonecom Tricom keep a high level of customer satisfaction and keeping the business on track with profitable growth. We are serving the domestic and international market.

Advanced Technology In Manufacturing

Our Production platforms and machinery based on from japan technologies which is Advance, solid and accurate in making products, with efficient raw material used compared to others.

Automotive Metal Parts

Since 2000, PT Bonecom Tricom has been manufacturing parts for automotive industries. With stamping, welding, binding with robotic and CNC technology from japan. Currently, we are not only manufacturing parts with metal-based materials, but also with plastic, fibre and garment materials, so that the automotive parts we manufactured have more choices of types of use and function.

Automotive Rubber Parts

Bonecom Tricom engineered automotive rubber components are used by major global automotive industrial and retail product manufacturers across most major industries

CED Coating

Cathode Electro Deposition is most advanced and environment friendly Water based coating to be done on metal components. A combination of dip and spray ensures reach of paint at every corner of component having intrinsic shape as well. CED is chemically resistant, mechanically durable. Our Parts products have good acid resistance and are anti-rust which are useful in extreme conditions

Automotive Plastic Parts

Bonecom Tricom has extensive experience in the design, development, and manufactures of plastic parts and profiles by extrusion. We work with a wide range of materials and processes. Thus we offer to our customers their desired parts with high quality and with the most competitive prices.

Automotive Product Assy

We produce various parts for Automotive. One of the most complete parts that we produce is parts for seats. so that we can assemble it into a finished product for our clients. Our seat products also have a series of world standards.

Automotive Tube Parts

Bonecom Tricom is currently producing various kinds of tubes for automotive needs. such as the need for lining the wire harness cable to the gasoline flow tubes.

Our Strength

PT Bonecom Tricom, deliver your best product with :

Why Bonecom Tricom

A leader in manufacturing Automotive parts and experiencing since year 2000

Our Expertise

We are experitise in this business. With more than 100 specialized engineers to support your request to build.

20 years of success

From start up to corporation,
PT Bonecom Tricom has may success story to tell from the happy customers.

Advanced Technology

PT. Bonecom Tricom always investing advanced state of the art technology for highest precision and lowest tolerance.

Integrated Plants

From line A to line Z, from raw material to delivery, our plants to plants is connected with our production system.

Customer Oriented

We listen, we understand and we become part of your team, helping you to maximise opportunities and overcome business challenges.

Certified ISO Standard

ISO 9001:2015 | ISO 14001:2015 | ISO 18001:2007

Our Factory Plants Facilities

Factory Plant 1

Cathode Electro Deposition Painting Facility, including Laboratorium for Thicknest Test and Salt Spray Test (SST).

Factory Plant 2

Pipe and Wire Bending Facility, with CNC techology machines, Trim machine and Press Hydroulic machines.

Factory Plant 3

Stamping Facility (Pressing Metalworking), with multi tones availability in our services to build your products.

Factory Plant 4

Assy and Welding Facility, Welding machine on this facility is various. From standard welding, Spindle Welding and Spot Welding.

Factory Plant 5

Plastic Parts, Sewing and Assy Facility. With Extrusion, Sewing, Injection Molding, and Hydroulic Press Machine.

Our ISO Certifications

ISO 9001:2015
With an internationally recognized certification of Bonecom Tricom quality management system according to ISO 9001, we can gain a competitive advantage and improve our market entry chances. In addition to a strong customer orientation, certification offers your customers and business partners.
Bonecom Tricom create the basis for a continuous and verifiable improvement process. We reduce environmental risks, conserve natural resources and sustainably improve to our environmental performance. Bonecom Tricom, Active and effective environmental protection requires not only modern technologies, but also an effective environmental management system.


Bonecom Tricom has optimize of the processes in the area of safety and health and therefore can expect fewer operational disturbances. Amongst other things, this leads to Bonecom Tricom cost savings based on lower accident and illness rates, increased safety awareness on the part of employees and greater legal certainty for those responsible for safety within the company.

Meter Square Total land area in MM2100 Industrial Estate Area

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staff and skilled man power join in PT Bonecom Tricom

0 Plants

Total 5 integrated plants in MM2100 Industrial Estate Area

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Total investment in Bonecom Tricom since year 2000


I’M FEST 2022, Kaizen Festival for the Better Improvement

I’M FEST 2022, Kaizen Festival for the Better Improvement

At the mid-December recently, Bonecom Tricom has succesfully held an event called I’m Fest 2022. These event held with a purpose to set goals that needs improvement such as creative training, collaboration, and implementation.

Genba Visit of PT. Suzuki Indomobil Motor to PT. Bonecom Tricom

Genba Visit of PT. Suzuki Indomobil Motor to PT. Bonecom Tricom

Representatives of PT Suzuki Indomobil Motor on December 8, 2022 visited PT Bonecom Tricom Plant 5 to conduct a genba and technical discussions related to the manufacturing process at PT Bonecom Tricom plant 5. The relationship between PT Bonecom Tricom

Bonecom Tricom & TBIna employees and management iftar

Bonecom Tricom & TBIna employees and management iftar

Bonecom Tricom invited TBIna to break fasting (Iftar). The event was held at plant 5 Bonecom Tricom. Present from TBIna were Mr. Mulyanto, Mr. Johny, Mr. Husein, Mr. Irmansyah, Mr. Burhanuddin, Mr. Iswan, Mr. Aris Hariyanto, Mr. Hertog, Mr. Fuadi,

Bonecom Tricom visited by TMMIN President Director

Bonecom Tricom visited by TMMIN President Director

Back in 2019, Bonecom Tricom visited by TMMIN President Director, Mr. Warih Andang Tjahjono. Visited our factory plant for checking of Bonecom Tricom IAPID readiness. IAIPD (Indonesian Automotive Industrial People Development) is a mandate below Institute Otomotive Indonesia (IOI), to

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