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since year 2000 in Indonesia
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Jln. Selayar IV, Blok L7,

Kawasan Industri MM2100, Cikarang, Bekasi

The Bonecom Tricom History


The history of PT Bonecom Tricom began in 2000, the company was founded by Mr. Tommy Wibisono and Mr. Rul Ichi Sujatim, was engaged in the trading industry. The business establishment of PT Bonecom Tricom began with sales and distribution of parts and components. From Automotive parts to Spring bed parts





in 2002, Bonecom Tricom has projects opportunity and start investing machine for making parts for the projects. Bonecom Tricom start investing sewing machines and its production support systems.


As grow of the request from many customers, the projects comes in bigger value, and it means need bigger space and capacity for Bonecom Tricom, We moves to bigger factory, located in MM2100 Industrial estate, Flores street. On this factory, Bonecom Tricom start to investing another sewing machines and press machines.

Bonecom Tricom starting providing services as tier 1 level supplier to Toyota Boshoku Indonesia (TBINa). Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN).


Since we have technology and production know-how, more various projects, from the various industries come. Our production capacity increase significantly, and more professional human resources collaborate in the company. Human resource become more significant in Bonecom tricom business life cycle.  Filled with the best on their field, Bonecom Tricom finest people developed by the time.


As the business grow, Bonecom Tricom buy new land and build new factory at jalan timor block D2 no.1, MM2100 Industrial Estate, Cikarang – Bekasi. This factory with 5.618M2 land area and a 3.036 M2 building area. The company makes a new investment of more than 2 billion rupiahs with bringing more machinery to support production. With more than 100 employees in the factory, with specified expertise working together to achieve our customer’s satisfaction. 

The production capacity grows fast as the new factory established.  On this factory, Bonecom Tricom began implementing the “The Bonecom Way” as the customer is prime focus, value creation provides the impact and success is measures in terms of profit.


Bonecom Tricom certified quality standard released by TUV NORD International in 2015, make the company comply to international industry standards. In 2016, Bonecom Tricom bring ED (Electrophoretic Deposition) coating machine to expanding Bonecom’s service and its product quality. With ED coating technology, Bonecom Tricom has full services in production. from raw material to finish goods.

More projects means more finish goods to stored before its delivery
with our fleet to customers. in 2017, Bonecom Tricom invest a new
warehouse located in jalan Timor Block C-7 No.10, MM2100 Industrial
Estate, Cikarang – Bekasi, to ensure the material to customer’s finish good is stored with high quality standard and security.


As the business grow, and our services line up expands, Bonecom Tricom established a new factory located in MM2100, Selayar 4 with more than 20.000-meter square land. with 7450 meter square. Bonecom Tricom starts naming the factories from Plant 1 to Plant 5.

Bonecom Tricom Selayar factory is the biggest capacity and fulfilled with modern technology machines. From Sewing machines to plastic injection and extrusion machines, running on this factory. Bonecom Tricom office also relocated to Selayar Factory (Plant 5) for better project management and handling. 

The Bonecom Way

Is a way of every Bonecom Tricom people’s work culture and ethics as the customer is a prime focus, value creation provides the impact and success is measures in terms of profit.

Bonecom Tricom really appreciate the time and are very careful about the accuracy if the products ordered, this makes us a company that has been trusted and maintained by many of our clients, and become trustworthy company among the others.

Discipline is like breathing for us. Our management & employees apply discipline in various lines of activities in order to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the products that we produce.

We strive to always provide the best for our customers. Of course we also implement innovations in our production process, so that this achieved, Innovation usually comes from issues that aries in a project, and that issues the discussed and resolved properly. The innovations then we implemented to all the projects we were working on.

Bonecom Tricom were built on a strong experience, We serve and even involved customer in pre-production/production process. Enabling staff to have more contact with the customers generates insights, which can be developed into services that enhance our commercial offered and build strong customer relationship.

Bonecom Tricom management and employees always synergy to create best and efficiently production products to achieve next level customer satisfaction.

Board of Directors

Tommy Wibisono

Founder & Chairman

Rul Ichi Sujatim

President Commissioner

Wawan Sujatmiko