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since year 2000 in Indonesia
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Jln. Selayar IV, Blok L7,

Kawasan Industri MM2100, Cikarang, Bekasi

Bonecom Tricom Plant 1

ED Coating Facility

Electrophoretic Deposition Painting is most advanced and environment friendly water based coating to be done on metal components. A combination of dip and spray ensures reach of paint at every corner of component having intrinsic shape as well. ED is chemically resistant, mechanically durable. Your parts finish good products have good acid resistance and are anti-rust which are useful in extreme conditions

Here is the list of machine on Bonecom Tricom Plant 1

Factory Plant 1 Employee Matrix

Bonecom Tricom’s employees who work at Factory Plant 1 are experts at their job, most of them are experts and experienced in the coating painting process. In addition, there are several people who are assigned as laboratory personnel, quality control personnel, packaging, and others who support production at Factory Plant 1.


ED Painting Specification

  1. Coating Thicness Min 15 Micron
  2. SST Until 940 J
  3. Color : Black Semi Gloss

Production Systems

  1. ED Coating Painting Units
  2. Conveyors Systems
  3. Pickup & Transport System

Plant Capacity

3500 hanger/day

Total Personnel

100 Personnel


Land Area : ± 5250 ㎡
Building Area : ± 3036 ㎡

24/7 High Security

We have full 24/7 security with CCTV cameras, So with us is worry free.