Manufacturing Auto Parts
since year 2000 in Indonesia
Monday to Friday

7 am to 5 pm


Jln. Selayar IV, Blok L7,

Kawasan Industri MM2100, Cikarang, Bekasi

Bonecom Tricom Plant 5

Seat Assy, Sewing, Plastics Parts Facility

Our Seat Assy, Sewing and Plastic Parts facility located at Bonecom Tricom Plant 5. With state of the art technology we producing OEM seat for OEM clients. With state of the art technology and our detail to quality and workmanship, our product always have the reputation of quality and proper delivery standard to the clients

Here is the list of machines on BTI Plant 5

Factory Plant 5 Employee Matrix

Bonecom Tricom’s employees who work at Factory Plant 5 are experts at their job, most of them are experts and experienced in sewing, injection machine, extrusion machine and hydraulic press machine, In addition, there are several people who are assigned as quality control personnel, packaging, and others who support production at Factory Plant 5.


Production items

  1. Seat Assy
  2. Plastic Parts
  3. Seat Covers
  4. Press Products

Production Systems

  1. Sewing System
  2. Injection System
  3. Extrusion System
  4. High Pressure Air System 
  5. Dolly Trolley System
  6. Pickup & Transport System

Plant Capacity

Injection : 250.000 pcs/3 Shift
Extrusion : 120.000 pcs/3 Shift
Hydraulic press : 100.000 pcs/2 Shift
Sewing : 200.000 pcs/3 Shift

Total Personnel

150 Personnel


Land Area : ± 20000 ㎡
Building Area : ± 7450 ㎡

24/7 High Security

We have full 24/7 security with CCTV cameras, So with us is worry free.